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    Everyone is welcome, whether you're a lifetime boater, just recently bought a boat, or even if you don't own a boat at all! If you enjoy the natural beauty and spirit of New York's famous Fire Island then this is the club for you. Our objectives are fun, friendship, and good times on the beaches, towns, marinas, and coastal waters of Fire Island and the Great South Bay.

    Become a club member today, it's free to join and only takes a minute.

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    Club Benefits

    NO MEMBERSHIP DUES OR COMMITMENTS The Fire Island Yacht Club is FREE to join, and you decide how & when you'd like to get involved. If there's a club event that looks interesting, just follow the details & show up. It's that easy.

    EXCLUSIVE CLUB-ONLY EVENTS Join us for lazy summer raft-ups, festive marina parties, beach barbeques, fishing trips, day outings, shore dinners and other club get-togethers. Bring the whole family!

    EASY ACCESS TO IMPORTANT BOATING INFO Up-to-the-minute NOAA marine weather reports and animated Doppler radar, dynamic tide apps, interactive local NOAA navigation charts, Google Earth street/satellite/terrain maps, marina guides, fishing tips, gas and boat repair listings. All accessible 24/7 from your smart phone or tablet.

    KNOW WHERE THE ACTION IS We'll be tracking lots of fun and interesting happenings taking place on or near Fire Island. You'll know in advance of exciting nightclub promotions and parties, restaurant specials, live music, art shows, festivals and special events.

    F.I.Y.C. CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES Fashionable T's, caps, polo shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, jackets, club burgees and more, all featuring our exclusive graphics and logos.

    DISCOUNTS FROM AFFILIATED MERCHANTS Club discounts, preferred vendors and special deals are being negotiated. Stay tuned!
  • About The Fire Island Yacht Club

    The Fire Island Yacht Club was conceived during a September 2012 get-together of boating friends at Atlantique Marina on Fire Island. What began as a promising idea has quickly grown into an active social community with members from many ports and all walks of life. In the coming months we'll be adding lots of new content to this site and reaching out to local businesses and merchants who would like to connect with our club members. We look forward to 2016 with optimism that we will continue to enjoy the good life with our friends and families while cruising to, and getting together on, our beautiful Fire Island.

    Doug Snider - Commodore/Co-founder
    Membership, Marketing & Events
    Debbie Snider - Vice-Commodore
    Event Coordinator & Hospitality
    Jim Kirschberg - Commodore/Co-founder
    Digital Media & Merchandising
    Elaine Kirschberg - Vice-Commodore
    Club Operations & Planning

    Click here to read a message from The SnidersClick here to read a message from The Kirschbergs
  • From Commodore Doug & Vice-Commodore Debbie:

    Ahoy Mate!

    Have you ever woken up on a beautiful spring/summer day, headed down to your boat looking to go out and wondered where you were going to go? Well, we’ve come across many people that think the same thing.

    How would you like to get on your VHF (channel 78) and reach out to fun, active, friendly boaters that have the same hobbies and interests that you have?

    We have created a way to do just that. You pick up your microphone and hail out to fellow FIYC boaters. It’s that easy!

    Give your intended location for others to join you or find out where you can meet up with them. Some of the best times on the water are spent with friends, old and new. People make the party!

    So, if you are a person that loves to have a good time with other boaters or beach loving people and enjoy what the Great South Bay and Fire Island has to offer, we welcome you to become a member of the Fire Island Yacht Club (FIYC). Click here to join now.

    It takes only a good attitude to join. No vessel is too big or too small. We’re accepting of everyone.

    Welcome aboard “The Fire Island Yacht Club”.

    Doug & Debbie Snider
  • From Commodore Jim & Vice-Commodore Elaine:

    Ahoy and Welcome aboard!

    The Fire Island Yacht Club was conceived as a way to bring together fun-loving boaters (and even non-boaters!) who love to spend time on or near New York's famous Fire Island. There are no fees, no commitments, no hassles, and no reason not to join. You'll be instantly connected to a world of fun, friends, family and fantastic events and get-togethers, and have access to tons of boating information and resources that are sure to make your next outing one you'll remember forever.

    Sign-up only takes a minute, and we'd never share your personal information with anyone, so why not do it today? Click here to join now.

    Hurricane Sandy has impacted us all, and has severely damaged many of our beaches and marinas here on the south shores of Long Island. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one or damage to their property. Now more than ever we'll be relying upon our fellow boaters and beachgoers to let us know where and when to find each other and how to make the best of the coming boating seasons. Let's also make a pact to assist in the cleanup efforts and to support the businesses and homeowners who are rebuilding our beautiful Fire Island.

    So, start planning on making the summer of 2016 one of the best yet. We think there's nothing better than spending quality time on our boats while cruising, docking, and rafting up with our family and friends. I guess that's why they call it "Friend-SHIP".

    Fair winds and following seas!

    Jim & Elaine Kirschberg
  • Club News


    Everyone is invited to the first FIYC on-water event of 2014. Head over to Zach's Bay (Jones Beach) for an afternoon or the entire weekend. Blue Angels are back this year! Look for the big FIYC flag.


    All members are invited to our first 2014 club meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd from 7-9pm at Jackson Hall in East Islip. We'll have a cash bar and hot buffet, so come on down and socialize!


    Let's all get together on Saturday August 3rd for a relaxing summer boat party on the beautiful Connetquot River. Bring the family, water toys, and provisions for a night of festivities. Additional information on our Facebook page.

    Events & Activities

    Restaurant Promotions Meal specials, happy hours, special events, open parties and the inside scoop from participating restaurants. more

    Live Music & Concerts You'll know when all of the hottest bands and artists are performing at your favorite Fire Island venues. Rock, Pop, Reggae, Jazz, House, Folk, and everything else! more

    Nightlife Everything from mellow club chill-outs at your local watering hole to all-night blowout dance-fests, we'll let you know in advance about the best parties and happenings. more

    Kids & Family Fun activities and events for the younger ones, but suitable for the whole crew. more

    Festivals & Shows Art & craft fairs, street festivals, live theater and holiday presentations, you'll know how to plan your next cruise to take advantage of all the fun that Fire Island and the south shores have to offer. more

    Sports & Recreation You'll be informed of all things athletic on F.I. such as running events, tennis and volleyball tournaments, swimming, biking and sailing competitions. Just do it. more

    Fishing Tournaments Fire Island and the Great South Bays are world-class destinations for anglers from around the world. From snappers to sharks, stripers to sea bass, they're all waiting for you to drop a line! more

  • Event & Activities Calendars

    Coming Soon! All of the info on what's happening.

    We'll be expanding this section and adding lots of fun things to do and see so check back soon.

  • National Weather Service - USA Doppler Radar Loop

  • South Shore Bays - Jones Inlet to Shinnecock Bay

  • Offshore - Montauk Point to Moriches Inlet 20nm

  • Offshore - Moriches Inlet to Fire Island Inlet 20nm

  • Offshore - Fire Island Inlet to Sandy Hook 20nm

  • Local Tides - Great South Bay

  • Interactive Map of Fire Island (drag & zoom)

  • U.S. VHF Marine Radio Channels and Frequencies

    The chart below summarizes a portion of the FCC rules -- 47 CFR 80.371(c) and 80.373(f)
    Data from the Federal Communications Commission - Marine Service Division




      Appropriate channel(s)
      FIRE ISLAND YACHT CLUB COMMUNICATIONS - Use this channel to talk to other club members about all boating-related club activities.   78
      DISTRESS SAFETY AND CALLING - Use this channel to get the attention of another station (calling) or in emergencies (distress and safety).   16
      INTERSHIP SAFETY - Use this channel for ship-to-ship safety messages and for search and rescue messages and ships and aircraft of the Coast Guard.   6
      COAST GUARD LIAISON - Use this channel to talk to the Coast Guard (but first make contact on Channel 16).   22
      NONCOMMERCIAL - Working channels for voluntary boats. Messages must be about the needs of the ship. Typical uses include fishing reports, rendezvous,scheduling repairs and berthing information. Use Channels 67 and 72 only for ship-to-ship messages.   9(fn#6), 68, 69, 71, 72, 78,
    79(fn#4), 80(fn#4), 67(fn#7).
      COMMERCIAL - Working channels for working ships only. Messages must be about business or the needs of the ship. Use channels 8, 67, 72 and 88 only for ship-to-ship messages.   1(fn#5), 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18,
    19, 63(fn#5), 67, 72(fn#7),
    79, 80, 88(fn#1)
      PUBLIC CORRESPONDENCE (MARINE OPERATOR) - Use these channels to call the marine operator at a public coast station. By contacting a public coast station, you can make and receive calls from telephones on shore. Except for distress calls, public coast stations usually charge for this service.   24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 84, 85,
    86, 87, 88(fn#2)
      PORT OPERATIONS - These channels are used in directing the movement of ships in or near ports, locks or waterways. Messages must be about the operational handling movement and safety of ships. In certain major ports, Channels 11,12 and are not available for general port operations messages. Use channel 20 only for ship-to-coast messages. Channel 77 is limited to intership communications to and from pilots.   1(fn#5), 5(fn#3), 12, 14, 20,
    63(fn#5), 65, 66, 73, 74, 77
      NAVIGATIONAL - (Also known as the bridge-to-bridge channel.) This channel is available to all ships. Messages must be about ship navigation, for example, passing or meeting other ships. You must keep your messages short. Your power output must not be more than one watt. This is also the main working channel at most locks and drawbridges.   13, 67
      MARITIME CONTROL - This channel may be used to talk to ships and coast stations operated by state or local governments. Messages must pertain to regulation and control, boating activities, or assistance to ships.   17
      DIGITAL SELECTIVE CALLING - Use this channel for distress and safety calling and for general purpose calling using only digital selective calling techniques.   70
      WEATHER - On these channels you may receive weather broadcasts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These channels are only for receiving. You cannot transmit on them.   Wx-1 162.55
    Wx-2 162.4
    Wx-3 162.475

      Footnotes to table

    1. #1 Not available in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, or the Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca and its approaches.
    2. #2 Only for use In the Great Lakes, St Lawrence Seaway, and Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de fuca and its approaches.
    3. #3 Available only In the Houston and New Orleans areas.
    4. #4 Available only in the Great Lakes.
    5. #5 Available only In the New Orleans area.
    6. #6 Available for Intership, ship, and coast general purpose calling by noncommercial ships.
    7. #7 Available only In the Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.



    Channel Number Transmit MHz Receive MHz


    01A 156.050 156.050 Port Operations and Commercial. VTS in selected areas.
    05A 156.250 156.250 Port Operations. VTS in selected areas.
    06 156.300 156.300 Intership Safety
    07A 156.350 156.350 Commercial
    08 156.400 156.400 Commercial (Intership only)
    09 156.450 156.450 Boater Calling.  Commercial and Non-Commercial.
    10 156.500 156.500 Commercial
    11 156.550 156.550 Commercial.  VTS in selected areas.
    12 156.600 156.600 Port Operations.  VTS in selected areas.
    13 156.650 156.650 Intership Navigation Safety (Bridge-to-bridge).  Ships >20m length maintain a listening watch on this channel in US waters.
    14 156.700 156.700 Port Operations.  VTS in selected areas.
    15 -- 156.750 Environmental (Receive only).  Used by Class C EPIRBs.
    16 156.800 156.800 International Distress, Safety and Calling.  Ships required to carry radio, USCG, and most coast stations maintain a listening watch on this channel.
    17 156.850 156.850 State Control
    18A 156.900 156.900 Commercial
    19A 156.950 156.950 Commercial
    20 157.000 161.600 Port Operations (duplex)
    20A 157.000 157.000 Port Operations
    21A 157.050 157.050 U.S. Coast Guard only
    22A 157.100 157.100 Coast Guard Liaison and Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts.   Broadcasts announced on channel 16.
    23A 157.150 157.150 U.S. Coast Guard only
    24 157.200 161.800 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    25 157.250 161.850 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    26 157.300 161.900 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    27 157.350 161.950 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    28 157.400 162.000 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    63A 156.175 156.175 Port Operations and Commercial. VTS in selected areas.
    65A 156.275 156.275 Port Operations
    66A 156.325 156.325 Port Operations
    67 156.375 156.375 Commercial.  Used for Bridge-to-bridge communications in lower Mississippi River.  Intership only.
    68 156.425 156.425 Non-Commercial
    69 156.475  156.475 Non-Commercial
    70 156.525 156.525 Digital Selective Calling (voice communications not allowed)
    71 156.575 156.575  Non-Commercial
    72 156.625 156.625 Non-Commercial (Intership only)
    73 156.675 156.675 Port Operations
    74 156.725 156.725 Port Operations
    77 156.875 156.875 Port Operations (Intership only)
    78A 156.925 156.925 Non-Commercial (Fire Island Yacht Club Channel)
    79A 156.975 156.975 Commercial.  Non-Commercial in Great Lakes only
    80A 157.025 157.025 Commercial.  Non-Commercial in Great Lakes only
    81A 157.075 157.075 U.S. Government only - Environmental protection operations.
    82A 157.125 157.125 U.S. Government only
    83A 157.175 157.175 U.S. Coast Guard only
    84 157.225 161.825 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    85 157.275 161.875 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    86 157.325 161.925 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
    87 157.375 161.975 Automatic Identification System duplex repeater
    AIS 1 161.975 161.975 Automatic Identification System (AIS)
    AIS 2 162.025 162.025 Automatic Identification System (AIS)
    88 157.425 162.025 Public Correspondence only near Canadian border.
    88A 157.425 157.425 Commercial, Intership only.

    Data from the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Telecommunications Information

    NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies, in MHz






















    See the NOAA Weather Radio Homepage for more information.


    Frequencies are in MHz. Modulation is 16KF3E or 16KG3E.

    NOTE: USCG District 1 (Northeast US) is now reserving Channel 16 for Distress and International Hailing only. Channel 9 is now the recommended hailing channel. Once contact is made on a hailing frequency, boaters should switch to a working frequency to engage in conversation. This practice should keep the hailing frequencies relatively clear of "idle chatter".

    Note that the letter "A" indicates simplex use of the ship station transmit side of an international duplex channel, and that operations are different than international operations on that channel. Some VHF transceivers are equipped with an "International - U.S." switch for that purpose. "A" channels are generally only used in the United States, and use is normally not recognized or allowed outside the U.S. The letter "B" indicates simplex use of the coast station transmit side of an international duplex channel. The U.S. does not currently use "B" channels for simplex communications in this band.

    Boaters should normally use channels listed as Non-Commercial. Channel 16 is used for calling other stations or for distress alerting. Channel 13 should be used to contact a ship when there is danger of collision. All ships of length 20m or greater are required to guard VHF channel 13, in addition to VHF channel 16, when operating within U.S. territorial waters. Users may be fined by the FCC for improper use of these channels.

  • FIYC Member Directory

    Match a boat name to the Captain & First Mate                        (* = charter members)

    New to The Fire Island Yacht Club? Just check these listings to find out who the Captain and First Mate are for that boat in the next slip. We don't pass along too much information, just first names and boatname/make.

    If you'd rather not be listed or if any of your member information changes just submit a message using the Contact Page here. We'll make the adjustments ASAP.


     Boat Name              Boat Make                     Owners

      2-Jet Skis Sea-Doo 12 Mike & Michelle *
      Abbraccio di Famiglia Imperial 26 Frank & Patty
      Alexa Rose Grady White Thomas & Kim *
      All My Girls Rinker 33 Keith & Danielle *
      Andiamo Sea Ray 37 Santo & Diana
      Aquilla II Catalina 25 Ron & Dina
      Baier Neccessity Sea Ray 27 John *
      Banker Ours Wellcraft 26 John & Kim *
      Barnacle Hinkley 28 Gerard & Kristin
      Baywood Wellcraft 28 Stephen & Jane *
      Berth Control Sea Ray 34 Sundancer Darren & Veronica *
      Bite Me Boston Whaler 27 Richard & Leora *
      Blue Marlin Pro-Line 26 Steven & Lori
      Christine II Crownline 24 Marc & Christine *
      Crossbite Larson 23 Joe & Michielle
      Dark Knight Crownline 26 Bill & Mary *
      Dock Holiday Chaparral 30 Kevin & Kathy
      Dreamers N Me Parker 23 John & Sharon *
      Enduring Love Carver 28 Melvin & Joy *
      Even Exchange Silverton 31 Guy & Debi *
      Fish Hawk 3 Carolina Classic 28 James *
      Fisk-E-Business Imperial 26 Vincent *
      Fishing Machine 3 Ocean Yachts 35 Anthony & Donna
      Four More Feet Sea Ray 30 Lenny & Robyn
      Foxy Lady Grady-White 28 Dave & Mary
      Gaba Gaba Hay!!! Regal 24 Jimmy & Carolyn
      Gotaplay Larson 30 Michael & Lori *
      GSB Boston Whaler 27 Paul & Sunshine
      Hemlock Bound Silverton 25 Justin
      How Sweet It Is Bayliner 28 Rich & AnneMarie *
      Hydrotherapy Sea Ray 31 Howard
      Into The Mystic II Monterey 28 Bruce & Stacey
      Irish Coffey's Grady White 28 Kevin & Doreen
      Island Girl Sea Ray 35 Sundancer Laura & Brianna *
      Jo Babe Sea Ray 29 Rick & JoAnne
      Just Us And Bear Hugs Silverton 34 Eileen
      Kayla Nicole Sea Ray 24 Chris & Anne
      Kinda Sorta ????? 23 Marco & Kelly
      Knot Home II Sea Ray 35 Kathy
      Kryptonite ??? 29 Dirk & Jill
      Lauren Ashley Robalo 21 Brian & Beverly *
      Lee Ann Pro-Line 22 Richard & Kim
      Legal Limit Sea Ray 27 Amberjack Jim & Barbara *
      Lifes2short Sea Ray 26 John & Kathy
      Lion's Den Sea Ray 23 Leo & Carol *
      Lynch N' Machine Boston Whaler 13 Trevor & Christy *
      Nauti Addiction Rinker 34 Steven & Dana *
      Nauti Gal Sea Ray 34 Alan & Donna
      Nellie ???? Gerard
      Never Too Late Crownline 26 Frank & Cathy
      Our Babies Sea Ray 24 Chris *
      Pennies From Heaven Bayliner 29 Steve & Brenda
      Pirate's Life Formula 26 James & Kim *
      Reel Rubber Deal Zodiac 11 Johnny & Nikki
      ROAM Pearson 30 Bruce & Judy *
      R-Yat Cruisers 32 Richard & Rhonda
      Sail Queen ??? 30 Tom
      Sea Breeze Carver 28 Stephen & Patti *
      Sea Breeze Silverton 40 Frank & Donna
      Sea Change Formula 26 Matt & Joyce *
      Sea Level ????? 28 Tom & Donna *
      Sequester O'day 28 John & Debbi
      She'll Sleep On It Carver 32 Tim & Penny *
      Shorty Sea Ray 31 Todd & Dawn
      Smile & Wave II Sea Ray 31 Gina
      Sweeet Spot Carver 28 Doug & Debbie *
      Teacher's Pet Sea Ray 26 Sundancer Tommy & Jodi *
      Tranquility Catalina 42 Hans & Jean
      Valhalla Sea Ray 27 Sundancer Jim & Elaine *
      Water Wizard Phoenix 29 Richard & Mary
      Yes Dear Sea Ray 28 Tony & Diane
        Carver 27 Patrick & Roseanne *
        Chaparral 28 Debbie & Bill *
        Formula 24 Liz
        Hydra Sports 21 Tom & Lorraine *
        Mako 20 Frank & Kathleen
        Mako 26 Douglas *
        Parker 23 Rich & Karen *
        Progression 27 Neil & Anne *
        Sea Hawk 22 Alison
        Sea Pro 21 Mike & Valerie
        Sea Ray 22 Steven *
        Sea Ray 28 Sundancer Mike & Jen *
        Sea Ray 32 Vincent & Nadine
        Sea Swirl 21 Joe & Debbie *
        Wellcraft 23 Frank & Cornelia *
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